Four Women Wanted For Beating Red Lobster Server After Order Was Wrong (Video)

Police are searching for four women after they assaulted a Red Lobster server, pulled her hair and slammed her on the table when their order was wrong.

They ate their food then beat the snot out of their server.

The server had to take a few days off to recover from the beatdown.

FOX2 reported:


A beat down at a local Red Lobster was caught on tape. Four women attack a female server after their order is wrong. It happened at the Fairview Heights Red Lobster on the night of December 30th. For the past month, police on both sides of the river have been reviewing the cell phone video hoping to identify the women.

Now police want you to take a look at it because employees want justice. A customer started rolling during the height of the confrontation. In the video you see servers and other Red Lobster patrons pull the server out of the huddle. Police say the four women who attacked the 25 year old weren’t happy with the service.

Their order was apparently wrong and when it was brought out they started to verbally attack the waitress. But the women ate the meal and then the dispute turned physical.

One of the women threw a sprite in the server’s face and then police say they pushed her into a table of customers and began punching and pulling her hair.

Some customer sat stunned, others tried to help. Now police need the public’s help to identify the four women seen in the cell phone video.

Authorities seek help from the public in identifying the customers.

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