For The Record… Mitt Never Called to Congratulate Mike Huckabee After 2008 Iowa Caucuses

Jennifer Rubin reminded us again last night why she is regarded as the campaign spokesperson/cheerleader for Mitt Romney.
She posted this awful attack on Newt Gingrich on her WaPo blog after Mitt Romney’s victory in Florida.

Newt Gingrich gave his post-primary speech tonight while gracelessly declining to congratulate the man who beat him by double digits. According to the Romney campaign, Gingrich hadn’t called to congratulate the Florida winner as of 9:30 p.m. ET…

…He obnoxiously ended by pledging: “My life, my fortune, my sacred honor.” But he’s not doing any of that. And it’s quite an insult to American patriots who have said that and meant it.

Gingrich has been reduced to a smaller-than-life figure. He’s a guy with a lot of words and very little appeal, whose meanness got the best of him and helped to wreck his campaign on a heap of attacks, insults and downright vile accusations (the latest being his claim that Romney is hostile to religion).

He might go on, as he promised. But, really, how many Republicans will follow him? Fewer and fewer, I suspect.

Such the gracious winner.

It’s just too bad that Jen did not do her homework before bashing Newt.
Apparently, back in 2008, Mitt Romney did not call to congratulate Governor Mike Huckabee after the Arkansas governor won the Iowa Caucuses.


Next time it would be wise for Jennifer Rubin to do her homework before castigating a member of the opposing team.

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