Egyptian Lawmaker: Muslim Countries Must Protest Koran Burnings By Breaking Ties with US

Muslim demonstrators display placards during a rally to protest against a Koran-burning incident in Afghanistan, outside the U.S. embassy in Kuala Lumpur February 24, 2012. U.S. President Barack Obama apologized on Thursday for the burning of copies of the Islam’s holy book on a US base in Afghanistan, an incident that has triggered far more outcry than another shocking incident: the emergence of a video last month showing Marines urinating on the corpses of what appear to be dead Taliban fighters. (REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad)

A senior Egyptian Parliamentarian called on Arab countries to protest the Bagram koran burnings by breaking ties with the United States.
Fars News reported:

A senior Egyptian legislator called on the Arab countries to voice their protest at the desecration of the Holy Quran at a US base in Afghanistan by cutting relations with Washington.

“The US militaries’ burning of Quran is an insult to Islam and Muslims and a new position should be adopted against the US administration which has done nothing but apologizing,” Ahmad Abdul-Al told FNA on Tuesday.

He called on all parliaments of the Arab states to cut relations with Washington until the culprits of this action are tried and Muslims’ rights are restored.

In relevant remarks, a prominent Iranian Islamist organization had earlier lashed out at the Muslim world’s silence on the burning of the Muslims’ Holy Book by American soldiers in Afghanistan, and urged the Muslim Ummah to show a strong and extensive reaction to the sacrilege of Islamic values.

“The Muslim world’s silence on the US soldiers (provocative) act in Afghanistan is not justifiable,” the International Union of Unified Ummah (Community) said in a statement on Monday, and condemned the desecration of the Muslims’ holy Book.

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