Ann Coulter Jumps Shark… Praises Romneycare After Trashing It in October (Video)

Does anyone else long for the days when Ann Coulter was sane and conservative?
Back in October Ann Coulter trashed Romneycare.

But that was before she lost her mind.

Last week Coulter was attacking the tea party.
Today Coulter officially jumped the shark. Not only is she Mitt Romney’s biggest fan she is now praising state run health care.


This will make you want to vomit – Coulter even defends the individual mandate.

As Rick Santorum has pointed out, states can enact all sorts of laws — including laws banning contraception — without violating the Constitution. That document places strict limits on what Congress can do, not what the states can do. Romney, incidentally, has always said his plan would be a bad idea nationally…

No one is claiming that the Constitution gives each person an unalienable right not to buy insurance.

States have been forcing people to do things from the beginning of the republic: drilling for the militia, taking blood tests before marriage, paying for public schools, registering property titles and waiting in line for six hours at the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to drive.

There’s no obvious constitutional difference between a state forcing militia-age males to equip themselves with guns and a state forcing adults in today’s world to equip themselves with health insurance.

The hyperventilating over government-mandated health insurance confuses a legal argument with a policy objection.

In tomorrow’s column she’s going to defend raising the minimum wage.

More… Mark Levin has a brilliant takedown of Coulter’s ridiculous arguments.

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