Cops Finally Converge on #Occupy DC Squatter Camp (Video)

US Park Police officers converged on the #Occupy DC McPherson camp this morning removing the bedding and structures from the rat infested leftist camp.

It looks like the leftists managed to destroy another public park.

CBS reported:


Dozens of U.S. Park Police officers have converged on one of the nation’s last remaining Occupy sites and are inspecting tents there.

The officers arrived before dawn Saturday, on horseback and in riot gear, and placed barricades around McPherson Square, a federal park near the White House where demonstrators have camped since October.

They said they were not evicting the protesters. There were no clashes between police and protesters, though a Park Police spokesman says four people were arrested for disobeying a lawful order.

Police say they want to make sure protesters are complying with National Park Service regulations that allow demonstrations at the site but prohibit camping. Some demonstrators say the police are effectively evicting them by forcing them to remove any bedding material from their tents.

After months of tolerating the protesters and protecting their right to sleep in the park, the National Park Service announced last week it would enforce a camping ban. It took effect Monday, although police did not take immediate steps to break up or otherwise disrupt the encampment.

The Washington demonstration is among the last remaining Occupy sites, enjoying special First Amendment protections by virtue of its location on park service property. The regulations permit protesters to remain onsite at all hours with tents, but bar them from camping or laying down bedding material.

So much for that Tent of Dreams.

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