CNN Republican National Debate in Mesa, Arizona

Tonight’s CNN debate is the last time the GOP candidates will share a stage before primaries in Arizona and Michigan

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Tonight, will live stream the debate onlineas well as ontheCNN apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet. Additionally, users can visit the CNN Election Center and for debate coverage and analysis. The Political Ticker will serve as a live blog of the debate and incorporate comments generated in real-time from social networks directly on the Ticker. Across social media, users can view the CNN Politics Facebook page and follow @CNNPolitics on Twitter to keep up with debate highlights and breaking developments all night. Also, users may ‘check in’ to the CNN debate on GetGlue for exclusive CNN debate stickers. After the debate, will live stream the Spin Room with Jim Acosta, and users can submit questions via Twitter at #CNNPostGame.


CNN Debate Transcripts Posted Online (in 30 minute segments):

Video Posted on CNN Press Room:

Photos from the CNN Debate (Credit all images toEdward M. Pio Roda / CNN)


The candidates are sitting down tonight.
Mitt Romney has a great introduction – and quotes George Costanza.

Mitt doesn’t hesitate to attack Rick Santorum on his spending record.

Newt describes trillions in tax revenue if US lands were opened up for drilling and exploration.

Ron Paul: I called Rick Santorum a fake because he’s a fake.

Ron Paul: Conservatives are pleased with spending money overseas (They’re warmongers.)

SILENCE – NO APPLAUSE after Santorum defends earmarks. Ouch.

Earmark discussion brings out boos from the crowd.

AriFleischer: Newt is impressive tonight and he keeps making thoughtful points.

It sounds like Mitt stacked the audience again tonight.

Newt and Mitt and Rick have a great grasp on Syrian predicament… Ron Paul? Not so much.

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