Belarusian KGB Kidnaps Topless FEMEN Protesters – Strip Them, Cut Their Hair & Leave Them Naked in Forest

Three Ukranian FEMEN topless protesters were kidnapped by the Belarusian KGB, tortured, stripped, had their hair cut, and were left naked in a forest. The protesters had earlier held a protest against Aleksandr Lukashenko, Europe’s only remaining dictator.

VIDEO is here.

Russia Today reported:


Three Ukrainian FEMEN activists have allegedly been kidnapped by Belarusian KGB officers who threatened the protesters with knives, cut their hair and then left the women alone in the woods, says the movement’s webpage.

The activists disappeared on Monday in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, after protesting in front of the KGB building against the country’s long-ruling president, Aleksandr Lukashenko.

“From 6 pm Kiev time, the connection with the FEMEN activists has been lost, and one hour later all their mobile phones appeared to be switched off,” a statement on the movement’s webpage said.

Later one of the missing women, Irina Shevchenko, managed to get access to a phone. The activist told her colleagues she had been detained by the police and KGB officers at Minsk railway station, together with two other FEMEN protesters.

“We were blindfolded and put into a bus,” Shevchenko said. “Then they took us to the woods, poured oil over us, forced us to undress – threatening to set fire to us or stab us with knives. They later used those knives to cut our hair.”

Then the activists were left alone in the woods, with no clothes or documents. The girls made a long journey on foot before finding help in a small village which turned out to be deep in the Belarusian outback.

In their blog, the movement’s leaders called on locals to help the activists hide from the police until Ukrainian embassy staff managed to rescue them.

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