Barack: White House Concerts Make Up For Confining Nature of Presidency

Wednesday night is party and concert night at the White House. But any night is party night for the Obamas.
Barack Obama welcomed Paul McCartney to the White House last year.

Tonight Barack Obama told his guests that concerts made up for the confining nature of the presidency. The poor guy can’t even get out and take a walk.
The Politico reported:

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hosted a star-studded array of musicians to celebrate the blues Tuesday at the latest “In performance at the White House” series of concerts.

Obama said in introductory remarks that hosting the concerts is a welcome perk of the presidency.

“Some nights when you want to just go out and take a walk, clear your head… Secret Service won’t let you, and that’s frustrating,” he said. “Then there are other nights when Mick Jagger and B.B. King come over to your house and play a concert. So I guess things even out a little bit.”

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