Awful. Obama Travels to Wisconsin to Throw Support Behind Leftist Hooligans on Anniversary of Anti-Walker Protests (Video)

Awful. Barack Obama is traveling to Wisconsin today to show solidarity to the leftist hooligans who stormed the State Capitol one-year ago to harass and threaten Governor Scott Walker and Republican legislators.

Yesterday protestors laid siege on the State Capitol once again.

Obama is traveling to Wisconsin to rally his supporters.


Last year we caught Obama’s Organizing for America red-handed as they orchestrated and organized the protest mobs that stormed the State Capitol. Remember they chased after Republican State Senators and made death threats against them?

Then they announced RECALL campaigns against six Republican State Senators. They needed to win four of the RECALLs, but with your help we stopped them in all but two of the RECALL campaigns.

So now they are back, with Barack Obama campaigning in Wisconsin at taxpayer expense, and the leftist mobs are trying to RECALL Republican Gov. Scott Walker, Republican Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and four more Republican State Senators.

Please, show your support for the $100,000 Money Bomb to DEFEAT the RECALL.

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