Awful. Cofounder of Tea Party Patriots Says GOP Candidates are “Losers” (Video) …Update: Tea Party Co-Founder Makes Statement …Update: A Clarification

This was outrageous.
Jenny Beth Martin the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots told Neil Cavuto today that the remaining candidates in the race for president are all losers.

“Nobody is satisfied with the candidates out there. They’re all losers.”

Her other cofounder, Mark Meckler, stood by her remarks.

The Blaze reported:

That was awful.
Newt Gingrich led the GOP takeover of the US House of Representatives after 60 years as the minority party. He balanced the budget for the first time in decades. Mitt Romney has a strong record in the private sector, won the governorship in Massachusetts and saved the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. And, Rick Santorum has an excellent record on social conservatism. These are accomplished successful men.

For the leaders of Tea Party Patriots to give democrats a talking point to use to use this year to bash Republicans is irresponsible. They need to clarify their remarks.

UPDATE: Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler wrote in and posted this statement on the controversy.

UPDATE: Jenny Beth Martin wrote in with this clarification.

I did NOT say I would vote for Obama. Tea Party Patriots is nonpartisan and our local coordinators have said they do not want us to endorse. As a spokesperson for such an organization, I am not allowed to say who I will vote for, even if I qualify my statement by saying that it is only a personal opinion. I absolutely cannot give any indication of preference because tea partiers across the country have different opinions.

If I gave the impression I would vote for President Obama, I apologize. If I gave the impression I am sick of the games in DC and sick of the posturing on behalf of the GOP as well as the Democrats, then I showed our outrage at both parties who have created the current problems. That is what I was really trying to say, as it is the sentiment that I hear day-in and day-out from our local coordinators.

If we, as American voters, do not work to nail down what the candidates plan to do specifically to prevent our country from going the way of Greece – before they are nominated or elected – then we have no way to hold them accountable.

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