White House Says They Released Video of Extravagant “Alice in Wonderland” Party – The White House Lied

A new book released this week revealed that the Obamas hid an extravagant Halloween “Alice in Wonderland” party from the American public for fear of creating the wrong impression during the worst recession since the Great Depression.

The White House didn’t want you to know about their expensive “Alice in Wonderland” party. (More pictures here)

In response to this news White House spokesman Eric Shultz told reporters that the White House released video of the extravagant “Alice in Wonderland” party from 2009.
Yahoo reported:

White House spokesman Eric Shultz disputed Kantor’s take, saying the event was not covered up for fear of public backlash. “This was an event for local school children from the Washington DC area and for hundreds of military families,” Shultz said in a statement released to Politico. “If we wanted this event to be a secret, we probably wouldn’t have invited the press corps to cover it, release photos of it to Flickr, or post a video from it on the White House website,” he said.

Not True.
The White House did release a video in 2009. But the video they released showed the Obamas handing out candy to children from the Washington DC area and from military families.


The video released by the White House does not show or even mention the “Alice in Wonderland” party held later that night.

Sad. They hid it and now they’re lying about it.

Verum Serum had more on the cover-up.

Funny that neither the White House blog post I linked above, nor the photos or video referenced by the White House spokesperson make any mention of Depp or Burton’s participation, or any “Alice in Wonderland” themed event at all.

News of the event apparently leaked to a small number of Depp fan sites (which is how I found these photos), but if the press assigned to cover the White House knew anything about it then they didn’t report it. Which is the whole point of this story to begin with.

Politico’s own report from 2009 made no mention of these details either.

UPDATE: The White House also omitted the party guests from the White House Visitor’s log.

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