White House Refuses to Condemn #Occupy Violence, Deaths and Mass Destruction (Video)

#Occupy criminals broke into Oakland City Hall this past weekend, burned a US flag and spray painted the walls.

Occupy Oakland protestors burn an American flag found inside Oakland City Hall during an Occupy Oakland protest on the steps of City Hall, Saturday, January 28, 2012, in Oakland, Calif. (AP /Beck Diefenbach)

It’s certainly not the first time the #occupy criminals have resorted to violence.
In fact, the #occupy movement is based on lawlessness and destruction. So far we’ve witnessed:

9 deaths, 5 found dead in tents, One found dead after 2 days
2 murders
Tens of millions of dollars in damages, layoffs, vandalism, law breaking
– Multiple Rapes
– Thousands of arrests
Public masturbation
Child molestation and baby abuse
strangled parents in a PT Cruiser


But the Obama White House won’t condemn the violent criminal movement.
White House Spokesman Jay Carney refused to denounce the latest #occupy destruction yesterday:

From the video:

Carney dodges when asked for the administration’s response to the news that nearly 400 people at the Occupy Oakland encampment were arrested over the weekend.

“What is your reaction, is the administration concerned that some of these protesters are taking things too far?,” a reporter asked during his Monday briefing.

“With regards to Oakland, that’s obviously a local law enforcement matter,” Carney said. “Here in Washington I would refer you for specifics to the U.S. National Park Services and U.S. Park Police. And our position has been and continues to be that we need to balance First Amendment concerns, the right to demonstrate, the right to speak freely with public safety concerns and public health concerns and we understand that whether it local law enforcement as well as in this case, the National Park Service and U.S. Park Police are weighing those considerations when making these decisions and that’s appropriate.”

Hat Tip Mara

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