Volt Fire Trap is WORST Product of the Year!

No surprise!!  As Audi President, Johan de Nysschen, said, “They’re a car for idiots…there are not enough idiots who will buy it.”

Idiot driving Volt

Do you want to know what happens when a Socialist buys a car company, throws out the car people, and hires a bunch of Socialists to run it?

It gets named Yahoo! Finance’s WORST PRODUCT FLOP OF 2011.


Volt…GM was originally so excited about the Volt that the company had announced in January it was speeding up its roll-out by six months. But by November the excitement had fizzled out. Larry Nitz, GM’s executive director for vehicle electrification told Reuters, “It’s naive to think that the world is going to switch tomorrow to EVs [electric vehicles].” Indeed, sales for the vehicle have been consistently low. Only 125 models were sold in July 2011. This was after GM spokeswoman Michelle Bunker was quoted as saying that the Volt was “virtually sold out” due to its popularity — a statement later shown to be misguided. Adding insult to injury, Chevy Volts are under investigation for fires involving the cars’ lithium-ion batteries. For concerned Volt owners, GM has offered free loaner cars.

But how can that be when the hardworking taxpayers pumped $250,000 into each car?

Because they’re too expensive, failed GM’s fuel economy predictions, and they catch fire!

This is a surprise to Socialist progressives who don’t understand anything about economics and product development.

Guess what?  If it catches fire it’s probably not going to sell well.

h/t Amelia

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