Saudi Teen Hacker Steals Thousands of Israeli Credit Cards – Says His Parents Like It …Update: Israel Says They Will Respond in Same Way As They Do to Terror Attacks

Gawker chatted with teen Saudi hacker “oxOmar” who says he stole a million Israeli credit cards from several websites. The Saudi hacker says his parents know about it and support him since the victims were Jews.

You said in a press release that you have hacked “much more than you can imagine.” What else do you have?
I have entire Israeli population database even dead people. I have documents of Israeli companies who build jammers and military survellance. I have their customers and their emails. There technical documents. Half million more credit cards. And much more

Can you show me any of the unpublished documents as proof?

hmmm prefer to not share now. I’ll leak when media forgot me. I’ll start leaking to re-get media. I’ll publish them one by one. I’ll be in media for at least 2 month

Why do you want to be in the media?
make Israeli people afraid and be in panic. I want to be their horror. Their nightmare…

Do you live at home?
Yes, where should I live? street? hahahaha

I meant with your parents.

Do they have any idea what you’re doing?
approximately, but they are not aware of details, just they know I’m hurting Israel

And what do they think about it?
They like it and support me.

YNet reported on the hacker attack:

Hackers break into ‘ONE’ website, post link to file containing personal addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers of thousands of Israelis. Most Israelis on list say personal information accurate, but credit card details false. One of them says ‘what if the banks’ websites are also broken into?’

Saudi hackers who identified themselves as members of the online Anonymous network claimed on Monday to have leaked files containing personal information, including credit card numbers and expiration dates, belonging to more than 400,000 Israelis.

They called on surfers to use the details in order to purchase goods online. “It will be so fun to see 400,000 Israelis stand in line outside banks and offices of credit card companies to complain that their cards had been stolen. To see banks shred 400,000 cards and reissue them. To see that Israeli cards are not accepted around the world, like the Nigerian cards,” the hackers wrote.

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UPDATE: Israel today said they would respond to the Saudi hackers the “same way” do to any terror threats.
Inquisitr reported:

Israel said that they “will respond to cyber-attacks in the same way it responds to violent “terrorist” acts, by striking back with force against hackers who threaten the Jewish state.”

Hacking continues to be a problem for countries and companies with various movements such as Anonymous and also hackers focused on exposing information for personal financial gain, such as what happened with the over 400,000 credit card details.

The good part is that despite the leak of such information, Israel’s three largest credit card companies reported only 6,050 of the 11,000 exposed being affected and just 14,000 of the 400,000 had been exposed.

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