Rush: Newt Is a Vessel – He Won Because He Articulated Conservatism (Video)

Rush explained Newt’s latest success in the GOP race for president.
“Newt is a vessel. He won in South Carolina because he articulated conservatism.”

“Politics is about passion and the Republican Party doesn’t seem to have it. There’s always fear of something.”

Via the Rush Limbaugh website:

RUSH: Let me tell you why Newt Gingrich won South Carolina. Let me tell you why he’s coming on. It is ’cause he is able to articulate conservatism, nothing more. John King, Juan Williams, could have asked any other Republican the same questions they asked
and they would have shriveled away in abject fear and defensiveness. If any of the Republican candidates had the same life story as Newt, or had said the same things about food stamp president and all that, Juan Williams’ question to Romney wouldn’ta helped Romney. John King setting up Romney, if Romney had three ex-wives and one of them was saying he wanted an open marriage, would not have mattered. It wasn’t those questions. It was that they asked somebody who can articulate conservatism.

To those of you in the Republican base, this isn’t complicated. Newt is winning. He is on a momentum roll here because he can articulate conservatism, that and he’s willing to take it to Obama. I have said for the longest time that whoever does that, whoever articulates conservatism with passion, with love, cause that’s love of country, with good cheer. Conservatism is inclusive. Somebody who can articulate it happily, proudly, with good cheer cannot be beat. Where’s the outrage in the news media’s open marriage with the Democrat Party? You talk about an open marriage, hell, that’s not a marriage, that’s prostitution, for crying out loud. Where’s the complaint? Who are the prostitutes in that relationship, the media or the Democrat Party?…

…So let a long campaign happen. Let a long, drawn-out campaign happen, let’s flush ’em out here. Let Santorum stay in this thing. Let’s see if Romney can figure out a way to move to the right and mean it. Let’s see if Romney can learn to connect with people, rather than just utter platitudes and his love of country and all this other stuff. No, I’m not afraid. I think this is good. We are running against the most pathetic president we’ve had since Jimmy Carter. I am not afraid. I do not live in a world of fear. I refuse to. For crying out loud, it’s still January. The election’s not ’til November. The base was told this was over last November. The establishment wanted this over, the media wanted this over last November. They did everything they could to have this over.

I trust the Republican base. That’s who I trust. I trust the Republican voters. I’m totally confident with them. They are the people in this audience. Why wouldn’t I trust them? They’ll figure this out. They’re not a bunch of brain-dead, mind-numbed robots. This is how democracy works. It’s how representative Republicanism works. It’s what we’re trying to hold onto, for crying out loud. You know, only a little more than 1% of the population’s voted so far. The delegate count right now, Romney 31, Gingrich 32, Paul ten, Santorum eight, there are 1,144 delegates needed to win. We’re nowhere near being over here. I don’t subscribe to conventional wisdom, and neither should you.

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