Pelosi’s Office Says She Doesn’t Have Dirt on Newt After All …(Pelosi Is Running Mouth Again)

Nancy Pelosi told reporters yesterday that she has some dirt on Newt Gingrich.

Today her office said it was untrue. Pelosi was just making stuff up again.
The Hill reported:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s office on Wednesday said the minority leader doesn’t have any dirt on Newt Gingrich.

Pelosi has suggested in two interviews that she knows something that could prevent Gingrich from becoming president, but her office said the California Democrat doesn’t have any secrets about Gingrich, who has shot to the top of national Republican polls after winning the South Carolina primary.

“The ‘something’ Leader Pelosi knows is that Newt Gingrich will not be President of the United States. She made that clear last night,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said in a statement.

What a failed disgrace.

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