#Occupy St. Louis & CAIR Hold Joint Protest to Harass Shoppers Inside Lowe’s (Video)

The #Occupy St. Louis criminal movement and Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) joined forces to harass shoppers inside Lowe’s on Sunday.
The leftists were protesting Lowe’s for dropping support for the “All-American Muslim” television program.

It’s not clear what this has to do with evil banks and capitalism, but whatever. It’s not like this criminal movement has made any sense anyway.

KMOV reported:

Members of Occupy St. Louis and the Council on American-Islamic Relations joined forces Sunday afternoon to protest outside the Kirkwood Walmart and Lowe’s over advertising dispute.

Organizers say they are protesting Lowe’s decision to pull its advertising funds from TLC’s television series “All-American Muslim”. Protesters are accusing Lowe’s of pulling the ads after pressure from the Florida Family Association.

Lowe’s officials say the program brought up a “lightning rod” of complaints and they didn’t want their ads to be associated with the controversy.

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