#Occupy Portland Leader Exposes Himself at Family Friendly Potluck Festival (Video)

It was described as a “Potluck Dinner: a family-friendly event with music and celebration for the entire city.”
That is… Unless you’re a conservative.

The leader of #Occupy Portland exposed himself at a family friendly potluck festival.
Thoughts from a Conservative Mom has more on the assault.
(Warning on Visual Content)

From the video: Dateline Portland Oregon, January 1, 2012: Video has surfaced of a Occupy Leader, Wade A. Varner exposing himself at “OccuFest,” a family friendly event open to the public. Varner is currently seeking the use of Terry Shrunk Plaza from the Federal Government for a future Occupy Event. In the video, Varner, who runs in to TEA Party members, decides to drop his pants, clearly exposing his massive buttocks, anus and scrotum.

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