#Occupy Goons Disrupt First-Ever March for Life Youth Rally (Video)

It’s not just about Wall Street anymore…
15-20 pro-abortion #occupy protestors disrupted the first-ever official March for Life Youth Rally in Washington DC. The leftists interrupted the rally with pro-abortion chanting until security removed them from the building.

Lifesite News

The first-ever official March for Life Youth Rally launched with 1,200 attendees last night, featuring many of the most familiar names and faces in the pro-life movement, including March for Life founder Nellie Gray.

Early in the program around 15-20 pro-abortion protestors situated in threes throughout the auditorium stood and began shouting pro-abortion chants, drowning out the speaker at the mic.

Amidst chants of “occupy anti-choice” and “pro-life, that’s a lie, you don’t care if women die,” organizers instructed the youth not to react but to pray as security was called. A couple of angry young men shouted repeatedly “as long as you harass women you will be harassed.”

As the shouting continued and security was delayed, organizers chose to begin the first set of music. The cheers of the massive crowd at the suggestion drowned out the protestors, who were unheard from that point until they were escorted out by security.

Several of the pro-life teens in the room were visibly upset by the disruption.

Speaker after speaker referenced the disruption, calling the pro-life youth to love and pray for the protestors and their conversion.

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