Obama’s Former Commie Green Czar Van Jones Warns of Turbulent Year With #Occupy Criminal Movement

The #occupy criminal movement cost taxpayers millions of dollars in 2011.

Van Jones plans to use Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to promote the #Occupy criminal movement. Jones warned of a turbulent year ahead with the #Occupy criminal movement.
Via US News and World Report:

President Obama’s surrogates, not giving up hope that the themes of the “occupy movement” will help his reelection and push Congress to back Democratic jobs ideas, are looking to the birthday and federally-sanctioned holiday of what Obama activist Van Jones calls the “original Occupier,” Martin Luther King Jr., to spark action on the streets of America.

Jones, part of a group called “Rebuild the Dream,”- which sees itself as a liberal version of the Tea Party movement- said the gatherings will kick off what he sees as a “turbulent, exciting” year, led by civil rights leaders pushing a new agenda of social justice.

“What are you doing this weekend for MLK Day? It’s our only national holiday about social justice, yet too often, MLK Day feels like a Hallmark Card. This year, let’s do it differently,” he tells backers in an e-mail. “Rebuild the Dream members are hosting MLK Day Movement Meet-ups across the country to celebrate Dr. King — the original Occupier — and link the Civil Rights Movement with today’s struggle for an economy that works for all.”

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