Obama TSA Defends Confiscating Woman’s Frosted Cupcake

Is this the hope or the change?
Who would have thought three years ago that under the Obama Administration airport screeners would be groping your mother and taking your cupcakes?

The Obama TSA defended its decision to confiscate a woman’s chocolate cupcake.

It’s a security threat.
The AP reported:


The federal Transportation Security Administration is defending its decision to confiscate a frosted cupcake from a Massachusetts woman flying from Las Vegas.

The TSA says in a blog comment posted Monday the cupcake was packed in a jar filled with icing, which is considered a gel under a policy designed to secure travelers from terrorists seeking to evade detection by using explosives made of plastics, liquids or gels.

Peabody (PEE’-buh-dee) resident Rebecca Hains was barred from taking her cupcake onto a plane last month when a TSA agent said icing in the jar exceeded amounts of gels allowed in carry-on luggage. Hains has called that “terrible logic.”

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