Oakland Mayor Quan Rethinks Support For #Occupiers After They Break into City Hall & Spray Paint Walls

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan praised the Occupy Oakland protesters after mass rioting in November. The violent radicals smashed windows in several businesses and banks, shut down the port, blocked traffic and attacked and wounded police officers.
Mayor Quan commended the 99% movement, via The O’Reilly Factor:

“The highway patrol and other forces came and ensured that it was peaceful tonight. We will act if we need to tonight to maintain safety. But it looks like this was a good day for the demonstrators and for the 99% movement.”

This was after the protesters shut down commerce in the city.

This was after the #occupiers caused over a million dollars of damage to the city of Oakland.

Well, after last night’s violence suddenly Mayor Quan has changed her song and dance.
The Pioneer Press reported:


Saturday’s protests – the most turbulent since Oakland police forcefully dismantled an Occupy encampment in November – came just days after the group said it planned to use a vacant building as a social center and political hub and threatened to try to shut down the Port of Oakland for a third time, occupy the airport and take over City Hall.

Quan, who faced heavy criticism for the police action last fall, on Saturday called on the Occupy movement to “stop using Oakland as its playground.”

“People in the community and people in the Occupy movement have to stop making excuses for this behavior,” Quan said.

On Sunday, Quan said she is tired of the protesters’ repeated actions.

“I’m mostly frustrated because it appears that most of them constantly come from outside of Oakland,” Quan said. “I think a lot of the young people who come to these demonstrations think they’re being revolutionary when they’re really hurting the people they claim that they are representing.”

Saturday’s events began late Saturday morning, when a group assembled outside City Hall and marched through the streets, disrupting traffic as they threatened to take over the vacant Henry Kaiser Convention Center.

The protesters then walked to the convention center, where some started tearing down perimeter fencing and “destroying construction equipment” shortly before 3 p.m., police said.

Police said they issued a dispersal order and used smoke and tear gas after some protesters pelted them with bottles, rocks, burning flares and other objects

…Quan said that at one point, many protesters forced their way into City Hall, where they burned flags, broke an electrical box and damaged several art structures, including a recycled art exhibit created by children.

Then there’s this… The Occupy pledge of allegiance includes “to the plutocracy… under the Jews.”

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