NBC – National Journal GOP Debate in Tampa, Florida …Update: ZZzzzzzz

The Republican candidates are holding another debate tonight with NBC, National Journal and the Tampa Bay Times – three liberal news organizations.

Yes, Brian Williams is moderating the debate. The same Brian Williams who bowed to Obama.

Mitt Romney is on the attack in Tampa. He’s going after Newt hard.


Newt does a great job correcting the record on the bogus ethics charges against him in the 1990’s.

They shut down the audience. This is horrible.
Taking the crowd out of the debate handicaps Newt. It’s not fair.

Great. Now we now have a lib reporter from National Journal asking questions.
She’s asking questions important to libs but that have nothing to do with fixing the broken economy.

What a boring debate. The crowd is completely out of it.

UPDATE: That was awful. Worst debate of the season.

As Melissa Clouthier tweeted: No applause helps Mitt. It’s like enthusiasm communism. When we all have excitement none have excitement. That’s this debate. A dispirited bunch of salesmen who get the same whether they sell their wares or not.

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