Must See TV… Police Tase Barefoot #Occupy DC Goon in Pajamas (Video)

You won’t want to miss this…
One of the #Occupy DC criminals got tased this weekend.
The leftist was barefoot in his PJ’s.
Down. He. Goes.

WTOP reported:

An Occupy D.C. protester was shocked by stun gun Sunday afternoon at McPherson Square, as Park Police were handing out fliers about the upcoming Monday deadline on overnight camping.

U.S. Park Police Sergeant David Schlosser tells WTOP the man got angry about the fliers and confronted officers about the ban.

Schlosser says officers used a Taser on the man when he wouldn’t comply with police orders.

Police arrested him and took him to the hospital, after he informed them about a previous medical condition.

The man was taken to George Washington Hospital where he refused treatment and was charged with disturbing the peace.

It gets better… Today the DC cops are finally going to evict the squatters from the camp.

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