Loudmouth Charles Barkley Disses Tim Tebow – Calls For a “Tebow Timeout”

Not everyone is happy with America’s favorite athlete Tim Tebow.

(Bleacher Report)

Enough Already!
Loudmouth Charles Barkley says “I think the world has had enough of Tim Tebow.”
The former NBA player is sick of hearing about Tim Tebow.
The Washington Post reported:

Most of America seems to disagree with him, judging by TV ratings for the Denver Broncos’ overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, but Charles Barkley would like to request a Tebow Timeout.

“The national nightmare continues. Hey, listen, I like Tim Tebow but there comes a point, he had a great game. He’s supposed to have a great game,” Barkley, fresh from hosting “Saturday Night Live,” told Mike Missanelli in an interview on Philly’s 97.5 The Fanatic (via Sports Radio Interviews). They want to make it seem like, ‘Oh, the world is aligned correct. I’m like, he does play quarterback. He is supposed to play well.”

Barkley told Missanelli “I think the world has” had enough of Tebow.

“First of all, Mike, I don’t know anything you said about Tebow, but let’s just say the jury is still out on Tebow. He seems like a nice kid, but these ups and downs are so different. The jury is still out on Tebow. Just because he had a great game and made four or five great throws [Sunday] doesn’t mean he’s gonna be a great starting quarterback in the NFL.”

Don’t tell Sir Charles, but the ratings for Sunday’s game were anything but turrible. Tebow led the Broncos’ to a 29-23 overtime win that was the most watched TV program since last February’s Super Bowl.

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