Let the Class Warfare Begin… Obama SOTU Address – January 24, 2012

SOTU- Too Long, Too Partisan, Too Barren of Policy

Let the Class Warfare Begin!

Barack Obama will attack the rich tonight in his State of the Union Address.


Warren Buffet’s secretary is sitting with the First Lady tonight.

Obama to Congresswoman at SOTU: Don’t Get Lipstick On Me (Video)

Obama attacks the rich. Drink.

Obama: It’s American to bash the rich.

Obama blasts banks for giving loans to people who couldn’t afford them. (In His Activist Days Obama Sued Banks to Ease Lending Practices)

Obama: No company should not pay taxes while sending jobs overseas. (Except for GE)

Obama has a LOT OF NERVE pretending to be a protector to the middle class after he nixed the Keystone Pipeline last week.

By the way… Here are the talking points for tonight’s speech.

Higher education cannot be a luxury.

Obama calls for amnesty.

Obama says he’ll sign DREAM Act right away.

Obama circles around and starts talking about fairness again. Drink.

Obama talks about consensus – This is the same guy who rammed through Obamacare, right?

Obama says we all want a smaller efficient government – This is the same guy who raised the annual US budget by a TRILLION dollars.

Obama wrapped it up by spiking the SEAL Team football.

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