Aussie Leader Dragged to Safety After Crazed Leftist Goons Attack Restaurant (Video)

Extraordinary scenes: Julia Gillard clings to her bodyguard as she is half-carried away from protesters in Canberra today. (Daily Mail)

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was dragged to safety after a mob of aboriginal leftists attacked a restaurant where she was celebrating Australia Day.

You know they were leftists –
They were shouting, “Shame, Shame, Shame!”


The aboriginal mob was trying to get her conservative opponent who was also at the restaurant.
The Daily Mail reported:

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard clung to her bodyguard as she was dragged to safety through a crowd of angry protesters in Canberra today.

Riot police formed a shield around the prime minister as they helped her force a path through the protesters who surrounded a restaurant where she was attending an awards ceremony to mark Australia Day.

Miss Gillard stumbled after losing a shoe in the scuffle, but was caught by her personal security guard and managed to get into a waiting car.

The protests appear to have been aimed primarily at opposition leader Tony Abbott, who was also in the building when some 200 demonstrators began banging on its windows, shouting ‘shame’ and ‘racist’.

Mr Abbott had angered activists earlier in the day by saying it was time the nearby Aboriginal Tent Embassy ‘moved on’.

The embassy, a ramshackle collection of tents and shelters on the lawn of Parliament House, is at the centre of the campaign for Aboriginal sovereignty and land rights.

Demonstrators had gathered to celebrate its 40th anniversary when they heard that Mr Abbott was nearby.

Didn’t Soros just warn us about escalating #Occupy violence?

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