“Knock Out” Game Victim Confronted Again By Attackers 3 Days After Charges Were Dismissed (Video)

A local St. Louis man was confronted and followed by his attackers three days after charges were dropped against them.
Two of the attackers confronted the victim in a grocery store parking lot after they nearly killed him in October.

The teens nearly killed the victim in an attack back in October. The victim’s jaw was shattered and wired shut. There were several broken bones on his face.
KMOV reported:

A south St. Louis man, who was a victim of the “knockout game,” was confronted by two of the seven accused attackers that left him bloody and unconscious in October.

Matt Quain, 52, was leaving an area grocery store when he was confronted by the accused attackers only three days after charges were dismissed because a key witness did not show up for court. Quain recognized the accused attackers as they followed him down a nearby hill.

“I looked up and I was flinching because he had his fists up in the air,” Quain said.

Quain then pulled out a can of pepper spray and the accused attackers fled the scene.

This latest incident has disgusted Mayor Francis Slay, who found Quain bloody and nearly dead in October.

“It’s outrageous that these thugs can feel like they can move around the neighborhoods and just be tough and intimidate people,” Mayor Slay said. “The police know who they are…they know where they go to school. The juvenile authorities are watching them. They are certainly putting on the heat and they are going to know they are being watched.”

One local teen claims to have knocked out over 300 people in the “game.”


Last year in April an elderly man was attacked by a mob of black youths playing “the knock out game” while walking home from the grocery store with his wife. They killed him.

In June a group of black youths beat a gay man bloody playing “the knock out game.”

In August black teen mobs targeted St. Louis cyclists in the knock out game.

In September, a 73-year-old man was knocked unconscious just outside of Tower Grove Park.

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