Jimmy Carter Says Israel ‘Pressured’ And Encouraged Christians To Leave Palestine (Video)

Gaza Christians were warned in 2007 that in order for them to remain in Gaza… they must accept strict Islamic Law. This meant that all women would be expected to cover themselves up when in public.

A woman walks in the burned premises of the Rosary Sisters School and nearby convent, belonging to the Gaza Strip’s tiny Roman Catholic community, in Gaza City, Monday June 18, 2007. The premises were ransacked, partially burned and looted during clashes between Fatah and Hamas around a major security headquarters. Crosses were broken, a statue of Jesus was damaged, and prayer books were burnt at the school and nearby convent, said Father Manuel Musallem, head of Gaza’s Latin church. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

In the early 20th century, Christians were much higher percentages in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and in most Muslim majority countries of the region. Their ongoing exodus began well before Israel’s creation.

But, that didn’t stop Jimmy Carter from attacking Israel yesterday.
The former worst president said Israel “pressured and encouraged Christians to leave Israel.”
Via Breitbart TV:

From the video:
“When I first went to Israel about 15% of the Palestinians were Christians… Now they’ve almost been removed from Palestine because of some pressures and encouragement from the Israelis.”

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