James O’Keefe Sues New Jersey Star-Ledger for Defamation

Conservative investigative reporter James O’Keefe filed papers on Monday to sue the New Jersey Star-Ledger for defamation.
Project Veritas reported:

On New Hampshire Primary Day, Project Veritas, while violating no laws, exposed the ease in which voter fraud can occur in states lacking voter identification requirements.

Project Veritas’ work has been praised New Hampshire’s legislative leaders, yet the reaction also includes articles by large media organizations that stated false and defamatory statements and articles.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger editorial board reported O’Keefe “committed a felony by fraudulently obtaining a ballot in the name of another person; [broke] New Hampshire law by recording another person.” Additionally the Star-Ledger Editorial board wrote January 22nd, O’Keefe is “still on probation for trying to tap the phone of Sen. Mary Landrieu. The Star-Ledger had previously printed a retraction for this claim on November 3rd, 2010…

“It is my experience that demanding retractions from dishonorable people only leads to dishonorable retractions. Therefore, today I started a campaign to combat media organizations that state or repeat malicious lies about my work.”

The lawsuit filed this morning against the New Jersey Star Ledger seeks monetary damages and an injunction compelling them to print another retraction with language approved by the court.

UPDATE: MRC TV interviewed James about the lawsuit here.

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