It’s Payback Time… Israeli Hackers Bring Down Saudi and UAE Monetary Sites

Earlier this month Saudi hacker OxOmar claimed he stole thousands of Israeli credit cards. Then yesterday the young Saudi hacker shut down the El Al airlines website and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

In response, Israeli officials said they would respond the same way to the hacker attacks as they would a terrorist attack.

Today a group of hackers called “Israeli Defenders” brought down the official websites of Saudi Arabia’s Monetary Agency and Abu Dhabi’s Securities Exchange. The hackers signed their message “IDF Team.”
The Jerusalem Post reported:

‘Israel Defenders’ hackers post in forum that attacks are response to “lame” Saudi attack on Israelis.

Israeli hackers said they brought down the official websites of Saudi Arabia’s Monetary Agency and Abu Dhabi’s Securities Exchange on Tuesday in retaliation for a denial of service attack on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange the previous day.

Both official websites did appear to be offline following the announcement by the Israeli hackers. An Israeli hacker told The Jerusalem Post that members of the Israel Defenders internet group were behind the attack.

The Israeli hackers said in a forum message that their actions came “because lame hackers from Saudi Arabia decided to launch an attack against Israeli sites,” noting the denial of service attacks against TASE and El Al, as well as three Israeli banks on Monday.

The hackers warned that “this is only the beginning,” adding that “there may be disruption to the [Saudi] government’s stock exchange site” as well.

“If the lame attacks from Saudi Arabia will continue, we will move to the next level, which will disable these sites longer term,” they said, adding that the damage could last “weeks or even months.” The hackers signed their message “IDF Team.”

The IDF is building elite hacker teams in response to the recent attacks.

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