Hateful Leftist Teacher Refuses to Accept MLK Award from Paul Ryan (Video)

Wisconsin high school teacher refused to accept an MLK Award from Rep. Paul Ryan… Because Ryan in a capitalist and does not push socialist policies.
What a nut. …On MLK Day of all days.
Via Breitbart TV:

Here is part of the fool leftist’s speech:

The challenge of humanitarians today is to close that divide and fight for the well being of the 99 percent. The struggle for equality is not only a civil rights struggle; it is an economic justice struggle. There is no wealth problem in this country only a distribution problem. Our society needs to reorder its priorities and meet human need instead of fostering individual human greed.

As a recipient of Gateway Technical College’s Humanitarian Award, I pledge to redouble my efforts in the struggle for social and economic justice. Concretely, that means fighting to roll back the power of the corporate elite in our society, making the ultra-rich pay their fair share in taxes, fighting for adequate funding for our public schools, restoring collective bargaining for public employees, fair and humane immigration reform, and restoring the voting rights for all people living within our state and country.

That is what democracy looks like.

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