GOP 9:00 AM MSNBC New Hampshire Presidential Debate

Rise and Shine!
The candidates are back at it this morning in New Hampshire at the MSNBC-Facebook.
Here is the live feed.

Far left crank David Gregory gets his turn at the candidates.

Consider this an open thread for comments.


Newt gives a great answer on working with the opposition. “It can be done with real leadership.”

Even at 9:00 AM Ron Paul sounds a little crazy.

Rick Santorum hits Ron Paul – He has no track record. What he can do is pull our troops from overseas and bring them home.

Jon Huntsman wants to break up oil distribution monopoly. We’ve got to disrupt that one product monopoly.

Romney gets asked about the most important issue facing the country today – discrimination against gays.

Santorum’s excuse for not supporting right to work bill – “It would have changed PA law.”

The moderators are asking predictably far left gotcha questions.

Perry calls Obama a socialist. Truth hurts.

Newt went after Mitt hard. Didn’t back down from calling him a liar.
Debate ends. Time for breakfast.

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