FOX News-WSJ GOP South Carolina Presidential Debate

The South Carolina Republican Presidential Debate
Tonight at 9:00 PM EST – On FOX News

Good Lord. Liberal Juan Williams is a panelist for the debate tonight.

First question is an attack on Gingrich – you attacked Romney when you said you wouldn’t?
Newt hits it out of the park.


Romney responds. Crowd goes nuts.

Crowd cheers Rick Perry when he asked Mitt Romney to release his tax records.

Mitt says we have a president who after three years does not have a jobs plan yet. (What about that trillion dollar stimulus)

Rick Santorum confronts Romney: “Answer the question first.”

Good Grief! Rick Santorum uses MLK Day to discuss felons voting.

Ron Paul wants to have military bases here at home. Ron Paul claims the military is behind him more than any other candidate. (Really? So our military blames US for terrorism?)

Pat Dollard added: Ron Paul is lying. Our auditors are going through his books finding that over 90% of his donors who say they’re military are not.

Juan Williams accuses Newt of insulting blacks with food stamp remarks. Newt disagrees to great applause.

Juan Williams gets booed for grilling Newt on food stamp president remarks.

Perry did well with his questions.

Newt Gingrich clearly won the debate tonight.

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