Figures. “Founder” of #Occupy Criminal Movement Takes Campaign Donations From Wall Street Donors

Socialist Elizabeth Warren claims she is the “founder” of the #Occupy criminal movement. She also says she supports what they do.

Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan (Daily Mail)

But after all of her attacks against Wall Street, it looks like Elizabeth Warren takes campaign donations from DSCC Wall Street donors.
It figures.
The Boston Herald reported:

I thought Elizabeth Warren was all about transparency. We are all still waiting for her to file the required financial disclosure form.

The Oklahoma Professor has been criticizing Scott Brown for being “Wall Street’s favorite Senator.” She has also denounced “Wall Street cash in politics.”

But it turns out she may be indirectly accepting Wall Street money. The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is helping the Harvard Professor, has taken over $40 million from Wall Street during the last 7 years according to records from In fact, Wall Street is the biggest contributors to them. They beat lawyers and labor union. Just during this election season the DSCC has already received $1.5 million from Wall Street.

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