Father Christmas Stabbed to Death by Muslim Fanatics inTajikistan


Muslim fanatics stabbed to death Father Christmas in Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe.
The Voice of Russia reported:

In Dushanbe, a young man, dressed as Santa Claus, was killed by a mob of young people, shouting accusations of “infidel,” as a senior source in the Tajik Interior Ministry disclosed.

“The young man had decided to congratulate his relatives dressed up in a Santa Claus outfit. When he approached the door of his house, he was attacked by a mob of about 30 young people, shouting, “Tu kofiri” (“Infidel”), who inflicted on Parviz numerous stab wounds from which he died in the hospital,” – said the source.

The authorities have admitted the fact that 24-year old Parviz Davlatbekov had been murdered, but deny that it was entirely motivated by religious hatred. “We acknowledge the fact of a murder having been committed, but we regard it as a domestic crime,” – Tajik Interior Ministry Chief of Staff, Gen. Tohir Normatov told journalists.

On New Year’s Eve, December 30, the head of the Ulema Council of Tajikistan Saidmukarram Abdukodirzoda told reporters that decoration of Christmas trees, dancing and games around it are alien to the Tajik culture and contrary to the laws of Islam.

Emirates 24 has more:


Attackers brutally stabbed to death a man dressed up as Father Christmas in Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe, officials said on Monday.

Dressed in the red robes of Father Frost — the similarly-clad equivalent of Father Christmas in ex-Soviet states — the man was attacked while on his way to congratulate relatives during New Year’s night, the interior ministry said.

“He was stabbed in the stomach and vital organs several times and it was not possible to save him due to the loss of blood,” a spokesman for the interior ministry told AFP. The man’s name was not given but he was 25.

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