Fail. #Occupy Octopus Marches Behind Rose Parade and Nobody Cares (Video)

The #Occupy protesters were excited to march behind the Rose Parade today.
It’s just too bad nobody cared.

Worse yet, the #occupiers were forced to form peace patrols to police their own.
The LA Times reported:

Occupy the Rose Parade activists said they had assembled a “peacekeeping” team to thwart members who might try to cause trouble during the event.

A team of about 36 Occupy protesters will, in three groups, march with the Occupy procession at the end of the Rose Parade to self-police and prevent violence or disturbance of the parade itself.

Hundreds of activists gathered in Pasadena’s Singer Park to prepare for their stroll down the parade route on Colorado Boulevard. The group will carry a 70-foot by 40-foot “float” made of recycled

The Ocuppy the Rose Parade movement has emphasized its goal of keeping Monday’s march peaceful.

Julio Toruno, 57, of Altadena spent hours spray-painting the peacekeeping group’s fluorescent yellow vests, which says “99” on the front and back to represent the 99% of Americans who are not among the nation’s wealthiest, according to protesters.
“If we can get small situations handled within our own group, we’ll avoid the need for police to come in,” said activist Roger Bruce of San Clemente, who will be in the peacekeeping group.

The group will use human microphones, in which a person yells and others echo, to draw attention to any troublemakers, he said.

“We think we can handle it with sweetness,” Bruce added.

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