Eugene City Councilor Asks For Police Protection After #Occupy Goons Hold Second Protest Outside His Home… Topless (Video)

A second protest outside the home of Eugene City Councilor George Poling spurs his request for security from the city.

The protesters went topless in their second protest.
Register Guard reported:

Eugene City Councilor George Poling has had enough.

For the second time this week, masked protesters on Thursday staged a nighttime demonstration outside Poling’s northeast Eugene home in an incident captured on video and posted online.

Poling said the two incidents unnerved him and his wife — and prompted him on Friday to demand that the city provide him with extra security.

Police are keeping a close eye on his home throughout the day and night, and a chain-link fence now blocks access to a walkway leading to his front door. A sign on the fence warns passers-by that “all activities are being recorded to aid in the prosecution of any crime committed against this facility.”

“You betcha I’m concerned for my safety,” Poling said while meeting with reporters outside his home on Friday.

“When you attack me personally … you done crossed the line,” he said.

Poling blamed both incidents on Occupy Eugene. Members of the group have acknowledged responsibility for a Christmas night demonstration at Poling’s home, and an e-mail from Occupy Eugene on Friday evening said the two protests were “made up of participants of Occupy Eugene who acted on their own free will as part of an affinity group affiliated with the Occupy Eugene Actions committee.”

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