Dubai Gym Uses Auschwitz to Recruit New Members

(Business Insider)

A Dubai gym used a photo of Auschwitz in a new ad campaign.
Ansa reported, via ROP:

The ad campaign of a Dubai gym using a black and white photo of the entrance to the Auschwitz concentration camp on a poster under the slogan ”say goodbye to your calories” had a brief life. The campaign, posted on the Facebook page of The Circuit Factory gym, was bombarded with criticism over the ad’s bad taste and lack of sensitivity. A few hours later the flyer was removed. ”It was only a provocation but if it was badly received then I apologise,” said Phil Parkins, the administrator of the social network page, saying that the Auschwitz poster as a symbol of weight loss and physical labour had been chosen since ”the programme that the gym offers, in terms of calories, is like a concentration camp”. Three other posters were removed by the campaign after being judged too vulgar in terms of their images or words by those frequenting its facilities and its online forums on Facebook and Twitter.

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