Drunk Woman Arrested After Rubbing Her Bare Buns on $30,000,000 Art Piece

Obviously, not a fan.
Carmen Tisch punched, scratched and tried to pee on “1957-J-No. 2” before being arrested.
Via Pat Dollard:

Mediaite reported:

Carmen Tisch, was arrested on December 29th after she wandered into the brand new Clyfford Still Museum and attacked one of Still’s iconic works. Tisch set her sights on Still’s “1957-J-No. 2,” a work that is worth $30 million. She punched it, scratched it, and then decided it was time to really go after it; She let down her pants and began trying to pee on it. Fortunately she was stopped before she could actually really urinate on the work of art. However, the damage done was still estimated to cost about $10,000.

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