Democrat Announces in Press Release: “Even Jesus Soiled His Undies Every Now and Then”

Rachel Pulaski sent this in:

We received a press release from what looked like one of our state reps, he did not use his usual legislative email. After reading the ridiculous press release, I came to the conclusion Rep. Garcia would never talk about “Jesus soiling his undies” in a formal press release. I called the police department and FBI to find out the laws in NM for impersonating an elected official. Come to find out, he wrote it. This is what I get for giving a Dem the benefit of the doubt. This state is a political circus.

Here’s part of Rep. Garcia’s press release:

According to Governor Susana Martinez’s staff, District Judge James Hall’s court ordered New Mexico House of Representatives redistricting plan is a victory for the Free World, Granma’s apple pie, and Twinkie’s. For the native Hispanic communities of southeastern New Mexico it is a nightmare in the awake stage, a return to Jim Crow 21 Century style, and where again Hispanics should be seen but not heard.

Shame on Judge Hall for erasing a half century civil and human rights battle that our Hispano people so valiantly fought to eliminate discrimination in voting and hiring, in equal access to public facilities, and in the instilling of human dignity by outlawing those demeaning and inhumane “No N*ggers, Dogs, or Mexicans Allowed” placards at our places of business.

Judge Hall’s court ordered House plan gives Republicans a 40% land base in a reconsolidated SE New Mexico, eastern Dona Ana, and Valencia County where native Hispano Democrats will have an extremely impossible time of winning. But keep in mind that Judge Hall created “competitive districts.” “Competitive districts” is a politically charged term for diffusing and eliminating Democratic Hispano voting strength.

But a Democratic Judge wouldn’t do that. Would he? Hey! Even Jesus Christ soiled his undies every now and then.

…Judge Hall failed miserably on being equitable to the Hispano federally constituted seats in south eastern New Mexico. The U.S. Department of Justice should have never relinquished sighing off on our redistricting plans for the legislature. The Hall decision is a wakeup call for making federal oversight a much needed standard in our state

Where’s El Aquila Negra, The Cisco Kid, and The Lone Ranger & Tonto when we need them. For sure they were not in Judge Hall’s court room.

Su Mas Atento Servidor,
State Representative Miguel P Garcia, (D) Los Ranchos de Atrisco

505 877-8131
1118 La Font Rd Sw
Albuquerque, NM 87105

Could you imagine getting something like this in the mail?
Oh, and yes, Miguel used the n-word in his press release.

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