Obama’s Peace Partners, the Taliban, Attack Bagram Air Base on New Year’s Eve

“Look, the Taliban, per se, is not our enemy.”
– VP Joe Biden
December 2011

Two weeks ago the White House told us that the Taliban was not our enemy.

Iran Press TV reported that nine missiles were launched in the attack on Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. There were initial reports of several casualties.


UPDATE: Press TV has more on the attack:

The U.S. Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan came under 2 missile attacks on Saturday, as the American soldiers were celebrating the New Year’s Eve.

Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying they have fired 9 long-range missiles on the strategic base, killing dozens of soldiers.

Afghan officials have confirmed the attacks, but ruled out any fatalities.

The latest attacks come as the Obama administration is trying to reach some kind of a cease-fire agreement with the Taliban. Press TV

One goal of renewed talks with the militants would be to identify cease-fire zones that could be used as a steppingstone toward a full peace agreement.

The Obama administration hopes to restore momentum in the spring to U.S. talks with the Taliban terrorists that fell apart in December because of objections from Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

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