Ann Coulter Insults Tea Party & South Carolina After Newt Wins: “I Think South Carolina Is Going Back To Their Democratic Roots” (Video)

Ann Coulter was on FOX and Friends this morning and managed to bash the tea party and Newt Gingrich in the same breath.
Those elitists sure do hate to lose.
The Daily Caller reported:

From the transcript:

“Now you have to get people who voted for Obama and having a candidate who goes out and calls Obama a ‘Kenyan colonialist,’ that is not what you need. And at the same time, with Newt Gingrich you get the name calling for the president — very popular with the tea party crowd in South Carolina, not so popular with independents. He won’t put a fence on the border and wants amnesty for illegals. He took $1.6 million from Freddie Mac. But you know, he attacked Paul Ryan’s plan on Social Security. So with Newt Gingrich, you throw out the baby and keep the bath water… I think South Carolina is going back to their Democratic roots.”

Really Ann? Democratic roots?

UPDATE: It looks like Romneybot Jen Rubin couldn’t sleep either. The WaPo columnist begged several high profile Republicans to get in the race to stop Newt.
William Jacobson added:

Much like Ann Coulter, who a year ago told us with absolute certainty that Romney would lose to Obama, Rubin wrote a series of blistering posts that Romney was unelectable for refusing to walk away from Romneycare.  Rubin also wrote last May that Santorum was constitutionally illiterate and unqualified to be President.  And we are the unwise?

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