ABC-Yahoo New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate

The ABC-Yahoo New Hampshire Presidential Debate
Tonight starting at 8:45 EST

You can watch the debate live here.
Friend Jimi posted these keys to the game:

Romney- Hold strong and steady as he’s been and have attacks of his won, keep hair perfect and smile.

Gingrich- Bring out his complete arsenal and experience to make Romney look like a green smacked ass. All while not looking like an asshole.


Santorum- Put himself on Romney’s level with Iowa boost, attack Romney when needed and smile now and then and not look like he wants to rip someone’s head off.

Paul- Continue inducing one’s own alien abduction and get a Constitutional jab now and then.

Perry- Drop the Texas accent. No oopsing.

Is Huntsman in it tonight? – Speak Mandarin whenever he gets a question he doesn’t like.

Here we go….
Santorum stumbled on his hit on Mitt.
Romney’s response- People in government don’t know what it’s like to work in the private economy.

Newt: Gives solid attack on Mitt’s private sector experience using the NY Times as a reference.

Ron Paul: Calls Santorum one of the most corrupt politicians.

Santorum sounds a bit angry in his response. “You should know better.”

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