Awful… Obama’s First Campaign Ad is Riddled With Green Lies (Video)

How awful.
The current President of the United States released his first campaign ad of the season last week. It is riddled with lies.
He’s hoping to win reelection by grossly distorting the truth.

Official Wire reported:

Citing a Brookings Institution study, Obama’s ad implies that he created 2.7 million clean energy jobs, and that the clean energy sector is growing rapidly. Investor’s Business Daily reveals the dishonesty here: those 2.7 million jobs already existed, and the quoted Brookings report makes it perfectly clear that the clean energy sector is growing more slowly (3.4% annually) than the national economy (4.2% annually).

Other sources paint a similar picture:

• The New York Post reported that new Clean Air Act regulations, which passed in the time since the article was published, “would jeopardize 251,000 jobs”; that an abrupt EPA ruling “directly threatens 1,500 employees” at Texas power plants; and that Obama’s “air-quality policies alone could force the retirement of up to 90,000 megawatts of coal power, and require $200 billion in retrofits by 2020.”

• The Defour Group warned that after a new, government-imposed 56 miles per gallon standard, the auto industry could lose 220,000 jobs by 2025.

• The Canadian Energy Research Institute estimated that the recently killed Keystone XL Pipeline would have created 179,000 American jobs by 2035.

• The House Energy and Commerce Committee website cited the statistics of Professor Joseph Mason of Louisiana State University: Obama’s Gulf of Mexico drilling ban will result in $4.4 billion in lost economic output and 19,000 in job losses.

Regardless of clean energy’s economic viability, no elected official should get away with misleading taxpayers and voters to this degree.

Obama’s hoping to lie his way into a second term. Disgusting.

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