‘Weekend of Terror in Israel’…Where’s the Mainstream Media?

Posted by Layla Mars

In a time when Israel enemies are closing in around her, the United States of America, one of Israel’s strongest allies, does little to stand with her or report the daily terror her citizens face.

This past weekend, Israel fought off a number of attacks, something that has become more than normal in its daily routine.  However, normal as it is for Israel to be eternally defending itself from her aggressors, the lack of media attention these terroristic attacks incur is alarming.  From within Israel’s borders, attacks occurring in various locations ranged from fire bombs to illegal riots complete with violent activity by Palestinian Authority Arabs over the weekend.


True credit goes to the Israel Defense Forces for keeping its public safe amongst such constant and dangerous threats.

Mock rock used for hiding explosives http://pic.twitter.com/u61fj9Ux

Worth noting, is the double talk regarding a “ceasefire” by Hamas leaders.

From Israel National News

As another round of missile attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza on Israel, followed by IDF retaliation, continues, Hamas has simultaneously tried to coax Israel into agreeing to another “ceasefire” while announcing virtually the same day it is determined to continue its “resistance,” the Arab code word for terrorism.

Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar referred on Friday to the strategy of terror-for-concessions, specifically its terrorizing Jews in Gush Katif until the Israeli government capitulated and decided not only to expel them but also to withdraw all military forces from Gaza and turn over to Hamas all of the destroyed Jewish communities.

American news agencies didn’t think the terror and violence inflicted on Israel’s citizens was worthy of mentioning, but the Washington Post made sure we knew that a failed rocket fired from Lebanon toward Israel fell short and wounded a Lebanese woman.

It’s important to remember that the War on Terror is a global one.  America needs to be clear who her allies and enemies are, and to treat them accordingly.

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