Thanks Barack… Gas Prices Hit Record High in 2011 Under Obama

The Keystone Pipeline project was expected to create tens of thousands of high paying jobs in the oil industry. The project itself would create 20,000 construction jobs.

But it was just a big pipe dream.

(Bob McCarty)

Barack Obama effectively killed the jobs when he killed the project last month. Barack Obama’s policies have also boosted gas prices to a new record high in 2011, higher than in 2010.


This year’s average cost of fuel sets a new record under Barack Obama.
KCRG reported:

An estimated 84 Million Americans will be fueling up to drive over the next few weeks. Despite a recent decline in gas prices, this years average cost of fuel sets a new record. For 2011, the national average price for fuel is about $3.50 a gallon. That accounts for about 8.4% of the average American family’s income, the highest percentage in 30 years.

The average American household will have spent, a record, $4,155 filling up this year. Though it’s not what some Eastern Iowans wanted to hear, for many it wasn’t a surprise. “It’s better now, it was pretty bad earlier in the year, but it’s better now. Which I appreciate because you spend a lot more on gas in the winter time,” said Charles Conner, of Cedar Rapids.

Fuel hasn’t been cheap here in Iowa, or across the country this year. On average, fuel was about 76 cents per gallon more than in 2010. It was 29 cents per gallon more than in 2008. “Having a truck it sucks when you are paying 60 to 70 bucks a tank,” said Matthew Woods, of Cedar Rapids. Lacey Higdon, of Rowley drives about 45 minutes to and from work each day. “It’s a long commute. I work two jobs here in Cedar Rapids so I am here seven days a week, so it’s good to see them going down,” said Higdon.

Another Obama record…

Gas prices are higher than ever under Obama.

More… Obama is achieving his goal of higher energy prices.

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