Thank you, Jim Hoft!… And, Thank You Guest Bloggers

Posted by Rachel Pulaski

On behalf of all the Gateway Guest Bloggers, we would like to thank Jim Hoft for allowing us the great privilege of contributing to this outstanding blog.  Contributing to The Gateway Pundit carries a badge of honor that we as guests wear proudly.  This was a fantastic experience for all of us and it was great working with such talented patriots.  We appreciate all of the readers as well; you all were very kind to us and your encouraging support was well received.  We hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  God Bless You All!

UPDATE: Thank you to all of the incredible bloggers who filled in while I was visiting my brother in Hong Kong. I really appreciate it. The content was exceptional and I can see by the traffic to the blog that the readers appreciated it, too. I hope that some of you will come back and post from time to time.


And, a special thanks to Rachel Pulaski. Rachel’s mother Ruth passed away earlier this year. Ruth was a big part of this blog for several years cleaning out the comments and posting under the name “Lady Liberty.” It was an honor to have you fill in Rachel while I was gone. Thank you. I know your mother would be very proud of you. And thanks again to everyone for helping out.

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