Mendacious Media Manipulation

After the recent shootings in Belgium and Hollywood, most media outlets adamantly refuse to identify the shooters as Muslims, as Pamela Geller notes.

Now a gunman has killed several vendors in Florence.  But, as we see in this HuffPo article, the MSM is wasting no time identifying the shooter as a “right-wing racist terrorist.”  And, in this update to the Belgian shootings, HuffPo still refuses to identify the gunman as a Muslim, pointedly noting, “terrorism [can] be excluded as the driving force.”  Liberal journalism is revising history even as it happens.  The news is being mutilated and manipulated to fit the Procrustean Bed of the “liberal narrative.”

Update:  After reading the comments (especially by “BurmaShave”), I revised my post in order to sharpen its point — and to make the title more alliterative (I love alliteration).

(posted by Lady Kurobara)


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