Secret Santas Begin Paying Off Layaway Bills (fun video)

Posted by gateway’s_niece

In St. Louis there has been a report of secret Santas paying off layaway bills in Kmarts, and I was happily surprised to find that this is happening across the US.  It is refreshing to see such great acts of generosity and I hoped that this could brighten up someone’s day (or evening).  I, also, included a video that my daughter loves in order to help remind us how great Christmas can be.

Picture from Mlive

Story By Giselle Smith

The story related how a woman, who appeared to be in her 30s, looked through the 800 or so layaway contracts at the Plainfield Avenue Kmart and chose three, on which she paid all but $10 on each.  The total cost was about $500.

The woman requested that the layaway tickets include toys for children, and the only clue she left to her identity was a note scribbled on each ticket that said “Happy Holidays from a friend.”

Since then, such secret Santa acts of kindness appear to be snowballing. The same West Michigan Kmart received a $2,000 gift to pay off 14 more layaway contracts on Dec. 6, and has had donations of $150 to $200 every day since then, The Detroit News reported.

Secret Santa sightings have been reported in other Michigan cities, and as far away as Nebraska and California.

A Kmart store in Anaheim, Calif., called Grand Rapids to ask for advice on layaway payoffs, Pete Dunn, store manager at the Plainfield Avenue Kmart told The Detroit News. “Everyone’s talking about it,” said Dunn, who has worked at Kmart for 16 years. “I’ve never seen anything like this with total strangers picking up someone’s layaway.”


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